November in Salem: The Bargain of Witches (November Series Book 1)

The Witches of Salem
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Wednesday November 20, pm Ipswich Town Hall.

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Like this: Like Loading Stories from the Courts. Recently discovered Samuel Symonds is my 10th great-grandfather. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email Address never made public.

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  • Samuel Sewall – The Witch Trials Judge Who Couldn’t Get a Date - New England Historical Society.
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  • Fussball im Nationalsozialismus (German Edition).

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And I like knowing that there is extra power and magic at the Solstices and Equinoxes; that knowledge makes me stop at least four times a year to consider what I really want to manifest in my life.

I love lace and fishnets and velvet and sparkles and corsets and big jewelry. And there is another aspect of the Craft that has been truly important to me, spiritually.


I have never, ever bought the idea that God is male. It runs contrary to my entire experience of reality.

So the notion of a Goddess, in all Her forms, to me, completes the equation. These days, we need all the feminine power we can get. So how about you? Are you familiar with the way witchcraft is actually practiced, or is that whole world completely mysterious to you? Or do you do the odd spell or two yourself? Fourth of July weekend done!

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We all love these lazy days, and we deserve a break, right? But why not do both? Be lazy and enjoy summer AND get some writing craft work in at the same time? Like this one on a cruise ship to the Caribbean in November, for example.

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But I also try to emphasize that everyone can be practicing the techniques of the Three-Act, Eight-Sequence Structure and becoming a better storyteller pretty much all the time, practically by osmosis. We went to a looooong party over the 4 th of July weekend, and nobody felt much like doing anything on Sunday, so Craig and the cat and I ended up finally watching the latest A Star is Born.

So that you can make sure to be hitting those elements in your own story, and even giving us the new or deeper take that will make your story a classic. All four of the movies with that title , , , Maisel , which is an extraordinarily good, and successful, example of this story type. I have to admit that I am particularly drawn to this story pattern because of the thematic deal with the devil aspect of it.

A Star is Born never ends happily, does it?

Samuel Sewall – The Witch Trials Judge Who Couldn’t Get a Date

Even worse, the story usually says, implicitly, that the love of her life has to die in order for her to achieve fame. Hopefully Mrs. Funny Girl is a great example of making the Heroine's Desire concrete and visual. Musicals so often do this brilliantly, in song, staging and visuals.

Early in the story, Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice is fired from the chorus line of a vaudeville show because she's a terrible dancer, and, well, not exactly cover girl material. She tries to convince the producer to rehire her in a comic song "I'm the Greatest Star" but gets thrown out of the theater anyway. Out in the alley, she makes a decision and storms back inside to try again, still singing - only to find the theater empty. Then alone, out on stage, she has that moment that I'm sure every actor and singer and dancer in the history of the world has had - that moment of being alone on an empty stage with the entire vast history and awesome power of the theater around you.

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She is speechless, silenced 0 and then finishes the somg with a power and passion we haven't seen in her yet. We see, unequivocally, that she is a star.

And that turn gets her hired back. I love that Star Power scene and most of the rest of the movie - it's a much more entertaining and thoughtful take on the Star is Born story than the actual A Star is Born Streisand starred in in