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Wondering if he can possibly defy his own brother's wishes at the risk of leaving himself destitute, Charles realizes he must summon a resolve he's not sure he possesses. For by facing his own true feelings for Nell and convincing her of his sincerity, he may finally be able to restore his tarnished reputation and secure both their futures-- and their hearts. Click on the logos below to buy this book and other books by Donna Lea Simpson.

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But for genteel spinster Miss Emmeline St. Germaine , the crime slices far too close to home.

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Just hours before the knight's death she held a dagger to him, threatening him to stay silent as she rescued a scullery maid he had procured for his pleasure. Did the man— or woman— who murdered the knight know of her visit? Only a few writers such as Carla Kelly can get away with that. Compare that to Regency-set historicals, where heroes can be nobles, but they can also be merchants, inventors, scientists, actors, explorers, and even, now and then, rat catchers.

So if Regency trads so great, why have they been stuck a mortal blow? Many people think that the Regency historical did them in, although the end was slow in coming.

The OG of Regency Romance

A Scandalous Plan (Classic Regency Romances Book 3) - Kindle edition by Donna Lea Simpson. Romance Kindle eBooks @ pranyponenor.ml A Scandalous Plan (Classic Regency Romances Book 3) eBook: Donna Lea Simpson: pranyponenor.ml: Kindle Store.

If you read historicals, chances are you read about pirates and privateers, cowboys and frontiersmen, Vikings and Medieval knights, but very rarely about Regency era dukes and earls. If characters behaved otherwise there were consequences, or at least the risk of consequences, so they had to be discreet. I think it has to be because the roots were clearly Heyer and more distantly, the Austen angle on the Regency. Good gracious, books could be set in English high society and more or less paint within the social lines and have the larger numbers and success of historical romances.

More than a Mistress/No Man’s Mistress

After these authors popularized the Regency period, publishers wanted more of this sort of success. They looked toward their Regency authors for this…indeed, Catherine Coulter, whose first Regency-set historical appeared in the late s came out of the trad Regency tradition. Many other Regency authors turned to writing historical novels, and because of this, Jo points out that many established authors left trads forever. She also believes many readers followed their favorite writers to Regency historicals and never looked back.

To some extent I was one of those readers. I first discovered Mary Jo Putney as a writer of trads, and when she moved to historicals, I followed her. Heck, I would have bought her shopping lists. I also followed authors such as Mary Balogh and Anita Mills to historicals.

A Scandalous Plan

Other trad writers who went on to write historicals include Joan Wolf, Susan Carroll, Marjorie Farrell, Anita Mills, Michelle Kasey aka Kasey Michaels , Elizabeth Thornton, and eventually, authors such as Coulter and Putney began to rewrite some of their early trads so they could be sold as historicals. Oh, but they are. So what are the differences? Jo Beverley points out that her Company of Rogues books, which were published as trads, ran longer than most historicals today. The extra length in the Regency historical gives the write more room for subplots, secondary romances, and of course, sex.

Yes, sex is also an obvious difference. While Regencies are no longer chaste, they are more likely to have no sex scenes, yet almost all historical romances do have sex scenes. The Regency reader brings a lot of knowledge to the book, where the Historical reader reads about many eras, and so such things have to be explained. Karen Harbaugh sees sex and history and behavior as some of the major differences, and they are all related. Also, the characters themselves can be different, and often are. Such a female in that era would have ended up in Bedlam, under restraint. Female fishmongers at the Billingsgate market were known for their boxing and brawling.

Not ladies, or any women of good taste. Edith reminds us that the most clever women during this era learned to obtain what they wanted by being smart and subversive and resourceful. The characters are experiencing internal change and turmoil but must keep up appearances in society. The romance also, usually, develops quietly and at a slower pace than it does in an historical.

Karla has a point because some of the best Regencies are those where society has a huge effect on what happens to the characters. When I am looking for trads in a bookstore, I am often drawn right to stories about characters affected by scandals or gossip. Maybe one reason fans are pulling away from the Regency is because there are now too many stories where unmarried, unchaperoned heroines go off trying to solve murders or find spies on their own, never mind the stringent rules of society.

I realized that heroines could be strong without having to carry a sword or gun or trying to run around and solve a mystery on her own. The best Regency heroines have the sense not to run out into the dark and look for the spy on their own! If length is one of the biggest differences… Why not just publish longer Regencies?

The Queens of Regency Romance

And while the result was that some classic stories were written, the longer form was eventually abandoned by the publishers. I think that was a mistake myself. When historicals started to become popular, Signet came out with a Super Regency line. These were longer Regencies, often quite a bit longer than the other trads. Zebra also published longer Regencies during this time. How did they manage that? Did they both get the same memo?

I was a huge fan of the longer books myself. It seemed to me that the authors got to do more in these books. Even more shocking in a romance, anyway , he is still married. If the publishers had just allowed Regencies themselves to be as long as, say, the ones Georgette Heyer wrote, then you might have seen them last longer than they have.

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As for myself, I miss the longer Regencies. Some are just Regencies that had more to say. And now, the Regency itself, both short and long, is on its way out. Unfortunately, the traditional Regency is in deadly peril, if not effectively dead. Not enough people bought them in recent years to make them viable.

Years ago several houses published Regency lines, and as readers drifted away, the publishers dropped their lines, one by one. There are a lot of reasons for this, and opinions vary on whether we should blame the publishers, terrible covers, or a dearth of new authors, or lousy distribution.

The death of the Regency is largely self-predicting. Not one little bit. Because the editors have lost interest, and the marketing departments have decided the Regency Trad must die. So it will. And the covers! Lynne also thinks the publishers should do something about those covers.

Really dreadful.

They were interesting. The men were handsome , rather than looking like wimps no one would want to date. There were some covers that made me appreciate the tailoring of Regency clothing.

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This one is complex and very deeply emotional, with a fascinating premise. September 1, at pm. If you are a fan of historical romance, I highly recommend Anabelle Bryant. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Warning: some historical inaccuracies. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. After an overnight shift, he would bring home fresh sourdough bread from a bakery in San Francisco.

Hint: Wow! The covers attracted the eye. There are some great authors out there now such as Donna Simpson , but there are also lots of silly books. For example, I recently read a Regency well, I started to read it where the heroine not only danced the waltz before she was allowed to do it but also danced it with a notorious rake and then let him kiss her. Like me, Lynne Connolly has become frustrated with the way some trads now ignore the importance of the mores and manners of the society.

The improbable is interesting, the impossible is a waste of time. She wants to read stories that deal with the realities of life in their time period, rather than those about the impossible fantasies. You get what you pay for. However, could the form be saved? Karen thinks there are things that could be done. Zebra was coming out with some great covers in the past year or so, and some Regency authors have noted that when they had those alternate covers, their sales went up for those books.

So that most definitely makes a difference. In fact, I do think that a lot of traditional Regencies would work just as well as YA books.

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